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A Fear and Loathing Actor in Dublin (3).
Teaser video for the play 'A Fear And Loathing Actor in Dublin'
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This play made it's U.K premiere at Edinburgh Fringe 2019. This is an explosive new piece of writing about being an artist in the 21st Century. It's a fast paced, high energy, physical piece of theatre that features Shakespeare monologues delivered in a fresh new way at key moments of the play. It reflects a modern Ireland to a worldwide theatre audience. 

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘...absorbing, gripping piece of theatre.’ - The Edinburgh Reporter

‘If the script sparkles and the actors shine, the direction matches with the pace kept at a tempo which drives you into their collective arms of creativity.’ - Fringe Review 

'A hilarious and visceral take on modern day living as an actor with impending responsibilities' - Fringe Review 

Performance ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ‘....a plurality of polished performances.’ - Mumble Theatre

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AFALAID is a 65 minute fast-paced high energy roller coaster of emotions, as we follow struggling actor (VINNY) over the course of 3 weeks, as he tries to come to terms with his demons, upon discovering he is about to become a father. It's a captivating and witty piece of theatre, tapping into the psyche of modern audiences. The show's theme is also quite a topical subject matter at the moment as it examines the great debate of Art versus Commerce and the sacrifice artists face on a daily basis in just trying to survive and to live a 'normal life'. Can we follow our creative urges and still have a life, or is it always to be a struggle? And is that struggle even worth it?

'A timely wake-up call to audiences to see the bigger picture if we want creativity and the arts to survive in this

increasingly commercial world' Maura Walsh The Arts Show 90.3 NearFM



Nice little write up on my play #AFearAndLoathingActorInDublin heading to Edinburgh Fringe by THE EDINBURGH REPORTER

Interview on bringing #AFearAndLoathingActorInDublin to Edinburgh Fringe, and on the difficulties of being an artist in the 21st Century.










































VINNY: Mark McAuley - (Vikings, Into The Badlands, Tomorrow)
INNER VINNY: Gary Buckley - (Vikings, South)
SASHA: Lisa Tyrell - (Ripper street, Four Kids and It, Tomorrow)
TOM / CARLITO / PADDY / BARMAN: Fiach Kunz - (Game of Thrones, Into The Badlands, Black 47)



Lee Wilson - (Running With Dinosaurs, Park, The Eurydice Project)


Mark McAuley


Bill Woodland



Siofra NicLiam




Mark McAuley & Zoology Films



The play had it's first run in Theatre @ 36, Dublin in September 2018. See testimonials below. 



Jennie Ridyard - (Published author) “I didn’t know what to expect from AF&LAID. I’d heard nothing beforehand - butwow! I didn’t anticipate laughing throughout, and then to feel so profoundly moved afterwards, a feeling that stuck around for days. This was exciting, fresh theatre for a new generation: funny as hell, brilliantly observed, smart, tightly scripted, and then rendered so acutely by a superb cast. If Shakespeare took cocaine...” JR


Eimear O Shea (audience member) -'Unbelievable performance, caliber of acting was through the roof underpinned by simply savage, electrifying and most authentic writing I’ve seen out there in a long time, guided by what can only have been some
seriously talented directing to coordinate such a fast-paced, interchanging but ever-engaging storytelling...'


Darren McBride (audience member)  - 'Superb play and performance...'


Maryse Hartin (audience member)  - 'Really enjoyed...great script and superb acting throughout...'

'Amazing first night...' - Siobhan Coleman (audience member)


'...a highly entertaining funny show, great acting with a lot of very witty dialogue...' - Paraic Keenan (audience member)


'Fantastic show...We had a great laugh!' - Anthony McGonnigle (audience member)

Dave Harrop (audience member) - 'Saw this tonight. Both humerous and touching, worth more than the ticket price. Hope it gets another run so more can see it. 10/10 would see again'


Eamonn McGlone (audience member) - 'Mark I was really impressed that you dealt with the actors / everyone's ability for Self

Sabotage! Great play ! I recommend going to see it . Mark you are a literal alchemist . The acting by everyone was great, with some playing multiple roles. I didn't miss a single moment, real thought provoking stuff . I do not know which part of the play I enjoyed most. This play is a must for actors.'


'Went to this last night & could not recommend it highly enough...' - Shane Mullins (audience member)


Luke Murray (audience member) - 'From the minute the play opened its pace and energy was consistent. The characters balanced each other well in the small space. Also the shear action and "Cuts" of the scenes where fast. The flow of the back screen the changes were wicked. I also cracked up laughing at the wit. I liked the darkness. The acting was class along with

the raw sound of the theater. It was brilliant!!!'


Natalie Keville (audience member) - 'Such good work!

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