Mark McAuley

Actor / Director / Teacher / Student / Adventurer

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'This breaking the fourth wall moment is very powerful because of the tantalising theatrical nature and McAuley’s riveting, touching performance...' UK FILM review of Throw Your Heart Over First 2022

'Written, directed, and starring Mark McAuley, with minimal supporting cast, Throw Your Heart Over First is simple, stirring, and skilfully executed.' FRAME LIGHT review (Wendy Brooking) 2022

' engrossing performance from its lead...' UK FILM review of Throw Your Heart Over First 2022

‘Mark is a fantastic actor...’ - Mumble Theatre review of A Fear And Loathing Actor In Dublin at Edinburgh Fringe 2019

...The husband (Mark McAuley) did a stellar job portraying somebody who  is unraveling emotionally and relationally in a believable and gut-wrenching way. His abuse was as believable as his outcry for help and the whole thing was just very emotionally evocative and realistic...'


“...McAuley is superb in his adoption of Britten's emotions, from nervous contemplation as a young man to an artist of achievement, who reflects the confidence of his talent and success. McAuley’s body language changes infinitesimally as the drama unfolds, from a slightly hunched and jittery disposition to one that is relaxed and moving freely by the end of the play...” - an excerpt from the Irish Theatre magazine's review.


'...McAuley's slight build and clear articulation is hugely impressive throughout.' - Dublin Gay Theatre Festival review


‘Mark McAuley...delivers a solid production of a fine play well worth seeing if it comes your way as part of the company’s national tour.’ - No More Workhorse