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New Acting for Adults workshop starting May 2018 (01.05.18 - 05.06.18)

(Acting workshop in Dublin)

The Actor workshop is a great as an introduction to acting and also for those who have some acting experience. It will also lead to an improvement in your communication skills and confidence that will help in both your workplace and your life in general. 


Course details: It's a 6 week course. Once a week for 2 hours(7-9pm) in the Portobello area of Dublin - Dublin 8




In the workshop we will look at:

- authenticity in life and acting

- living in the NOW / moment

- improvisation

- removing blocks: physical / emotional and mental

- physicality

- storytelling

- removing the ego

- monologues 

- scene work (with scripts)


We will also be doing some work with scripts and film them on camera. 

I've run some really successful workshops at many different levels the last few years and have been getting really good feedback. See below for testimonials. 


New 'Filmed Scenes' acting workshop

(starts 15th February of February for 6 weeks.) 



We will be working on scenes (TV / FILM) from day 1 with a view to filming them at the end of the course. Something cool to stick on your reel or post for friends and family to view. 



Wednesday 15th February. 5 weeks and one day filming. Course runs 7-9pm.



Portobello, Dublin 8 
Free parking / Close to Dublin bikes / Major bus routes nearby



€120 for the 6 weeks


If interested PM me or contact through the website contact page -




An Acting workshop for adults in Dublin, Ireland.


"Central to Mark's approach was that everything be rooted in the truth of the moment. That you allow the truthful feelings experienced in the present to flow through you, while remaining grounded and connected with the other actor. I learned much from the experience" Fiach Kunz (professional actor)


" much more than just acting lessons. It was about learning to be authentic, truthful and present."


'A really enjoyable course, there is something for everyone. I found it really helped with my confidence. So much fun..."


", energetic, imaginative and thought-provoking..."


"...was an amazing experience."

"...Mark is an excellent coach and tutor and one of the best communicators I have ever met..."

"...He is a great teacher who really helps students reach within and face any fears they have of acting..."

"...Mark has an excellent teaching method, clearly explaining the tasks and benefits in completing them..."

"...The continual work with Mark helped build the actors confidences and we could really see improvements in the actors and the way they approached acting..."

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