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- Excited to announce that my play ' A Fear And Loathing Actor In Dublin' is going to Edinburgh Fringe this year. It's one of the, if not the biggest theatre festivals in the world. Plus we're on in one of the big venues. More news to follow.

- Post-production is nearly completed on my short film 'The Break up'. It looks and sounds amazing. Will be hitting the festival circuit soon. 

- Working on a cool music video for the band Hurricane Highway. Looking forward to seeing the end product. 


12/18 And that's a wrap on the short film 'The Break Up'. Brilliant shoot and very excited to see the results. 

12/18 'The Break Up' will be directed by the IFTA winning Terry McMahon (Patrick's Day, Charlie Casanova). Really looking forward to working with this very talented director.

12/18 'The Break Up' stars Lisa Tyrrell (Ripper Street, Tomorrow) and myself . Lisa is a brilliant actor and excited to have her working on this project.  

11/18 Pre-production starts on my new short film 'The Break Up'. Amazing cast and director. More news to follow. 

10/18 'Tomorrow' has been officially selected for the Dumbo Film Festival 2018.

09/18 Very happy to say 'Tomorrow' has been selected to screen at Indie Cork Film Festival 2018. Happy days!

09/18 'a timely wake-up call to audiences to see the bigger picture if we want creativity and the arts to survive in this increasingly commercial world' - Maura Walsh The Arts Show 90.3 NearFM. Maura Walsh on my play

09/18 Just finished an amazing run of my play 'A Fear And Loathing Actor in Dublin'. Audience comments and feedback has been brilliant. Last night theatre packed. Energy in the room was unreal and a standing ovation to top it all off. 

09/18 'A Fear And Loathing Actor in Dublin' opens in Theatre @36 

08/18 Just launched an Indiegogo campaign to help with the budget for my play. All support is hugely appreciated -

08/18 Exciting news! 'Tomorrow' has just been accepted to screen at the Disappear Here Ballyliffin Film Festival 2018. 

08/18 Our short film 'Tomorrow' has received 4 Nominations from The Underground Cinema awards. Best film / Best Director / Best Actor / Best Screenplay -

08/18 Happy to say a brilliant director has signed on to direct my latest short film. More news to come. 

07/18 - The super talented Lee Williams is to direct my play 'A Fear and Loathing Actor in Dublin'. Loft Productions and Emma Hanley will produce. 

07/18 - We have a cast for my play. Gary Buckley, Lisa Tyrell, Fiach Kunz and myself. 08/18

4/18 - Have a date and a venue for my new play. Now the fun part. 

4/18 - New Introduction to Acting workshop for Adults workshop starts May 2018. Acting workshop in Dublin.

3/18 - Music for Tomorrow is finished. 

1/18 - Our new short film 'Tomorrow' final edit is locked. Now for some music.

1/18 - Lot of fun today working on the web-series 'Sucking Diesel'. Directed by Maurice O'Carroll. Great cast and crew.  


11/17 Happy to say just been cast in Into The Badlands. 

10/17 'The Betrayal' is now available on Aer Lingus transatlantic flights until the end of November.

09/17 'The Betrayal' screens on RTE tonight. Check it out! Link

08/17 'Closing Time' nominated for 'best supporting actor' and MUA at the Underground Cinema awards.

06/17 Been working with a super talented mentor on my new play.

05.17 Workshop of my new play today. Looking forward to getting this on it's feet

26.04.17 Closing Time to screen at Fastnet Film Festival -

25.04.17 The Betrayal off to Cannes - Link

22.02.17 Filmed Scenes acting workshop starts today. 


6.12.16 New 'FILMED SCENES' acting workshop for Adults starts February 2017. Acting workshop in Dublin. 

16.12.16 New Acting workshop for Adults workshop starts January 2017. Acting workshop in Dublin. 

09.12.16 Three Days of Rain tonight in The Mill Theatre -

02.11.16 New Acting scenes workshop starts today-

28.10.16 And that's a wrap on our feature film. Brilliant work all round! Now for the edit. 

17.10.16 Shooting starts on our feature film 'Tomorrow'. Whopper cast and crew. Here we go!

5.09.16 Shooting starts on the short film 'One Good Deed'.

22.08.16 Pre-prodcution on our new feature film "Tomorrow' has started. Exciting Times!

20.08.16 Just been cast in a new short film 'One Good Deed'. Shooting September. 

18.08.16 Happy to say that I'm directing the play '3 Days of Rain'. Unbelievable play with great cast. Donegal in October. 

14.08.16 Reading of my new play went really well. Some nice feedback. Hope to have it up before year is out. 

08.08.16 New Introduction to Adults workshop starts September 2016

14.07.16 Check out the teaser trailer for the short film 'Closing Time' -

21.05.16 Been cast in a very nice short film 'The Space In Between'. Shooting this week. 

11.05.16 New play I'm directing 'One Night Forever Ago' opens next week -

08.05.16  That's a wrap on the short film 'Closing Time'. What a great shoot! 

14.04.16 Rehearsals for the play 'One Night, Forever Ago. Up in 4 weeks. 

01.04.16 Working on a cool short film 'Closing Time', shooting at the end of the month.

30.03.16 New Introduction to Acting for Adults workshop starting 20th April. Running in Portobello, Dublin 8. 

23.02.16 New 'Acting scenes' workshop started today. Great group. Acting for Adults course in Dublin. 

14.02.16 Shot a cool experimental film 'Auditioning the Wolf'. Check it out on my home page.

8.02.16 And that's a wrap for me on 'The Betrayal'. Can't wait to see the finished film. Great experience working on this. So much fun :-D. 

5.02.16 New 'Acting scenes' workshop starting Wednesday 24th. Nearly full.

29.01.16 Shooting on 'The Betrayal' starts today. Really looking forward to this. 

23.01.16 Shot scenes as part of my Acting 4 workshop (Acting for adults). Scenes look great!

13.01.16 New Introduction to Acting for Adults workshop started last night. Great group. Lots of fun ahead! 

2.01.16 Just been cast in a cool new project 'The Betrayal'. Shooting at the end of the month - Link




16.12.15 New Introduction to Acting for Adults workshop starting January 2016. Acting workshop in Dublin. 

1.12.15 Happy to say that I will be directing the short play 'One Night, Forever Ago' written by the talented Gareth Stack. Will be on in the New Year. Very exciting piece of work!

7.11.15 Giving an acting workshop as part of The Kilmainham Arts Festival

14.10.15 New Introducton to Acting for Adults workshop starts tonight. Roll on the next 6 weeks of fun and games.

13.08.15 Shooting on 'The Devil's Ball' wraps. That was a lot of fun! Should look great.

30.07.15 Cast in a very cool short film about The Hellfire Club. Shooting first week of August

27.07.15 Just shot comercial for RSA. Looks great! On screens (TV and Cinema) August.

23.07.15 Shot promo for our Storyand 2015 project. Some super talent involved. 

21.05.15 Cast in a really good short film 'Penose'. Great script and some very talented people involved. 

1.05.15 Finished working on an Independent feature - ambitious project. Be interesting to see the results. 

17.03.15 Great shoot down in Cork on a really cool project! 

9.03.15 New Acting for adults 2 workshop starting this week. Looking forward to this.

3.03.15 Cast in a cool piece shooting in Cork next week. Set in 1800’s. Growing the chops for it. 

27.02.15 Just got a really good producer on board for my short film ‘Helpless’. Here we go!

24/02/15 New Acting wokshop starting 10th March. Perfect for those with some acting experience. Lots of fun ahead.

14/01/15 New Introduction to Acting for Adults workshop starts tonight. Looking forward to the next 6 weeks.



21.10.14 Brilliant self-taping workshop with Maureen Hughes and Dearbhla Walsh. Helped nail a self-tape the following week. 

11/09/14 Cast in a new short set in the North during the height of the Troubles. Great script!

7/08/14 Start filming on a new feature film this week. Very ambitious project. Exciting stuff!

22/07/14 Working on TV promo 'A Different Crime'. Really talented writer/Director. Very promising project.

19/06/4 Acting 1 and Acting 3 workhops all finished. Some great scenes filmed in the last class.

1/06/14 Happy to say I've been cast in a very interesting new project to start filming this summer.

28/04/14 Acting 1 workshop starts 13th May. 

403/14 Acting 3 workshop starting end of 30th April. Excited to be moving to the next level with this group.

2/03/14 Anonymous' a new Irish play I'm directing opens tonight in the Clasac Theatre.

25/03/14 Finished giving a series of very well received workshops for a multinational technological corpoation.

18/03/14 Working on very cool irish project 'The Good Sinner' with some very talented people.

22/02/14 Great shoot working with the talented English director Toby Meakins and The Edge production company.

31/01/14 Happy to say I'll be directing the play 'Anonymous'. A new piece of Irish writing by Niamh Cummins. On in The Clasac Theatre, Dublin on the Alfie Byrne road. Lots of exciting ideas. More news to follow.

10/01/14 Shooting wrapped on feature film 'Inside me'(working title). Great fun and massive thanks to director Paco Torres and producer Edwina Forkin of Zanzibar Films.




9/12/13 An Introuction to Acting for Adults part 2starts 8/01/14. Looking forward to running the second part of this course.

20/11/13 An Introduction to Acting for Adults finished today. A thoroughly enoyable 6 weeks. Details on new course to follow soon.

1/11/13 Happy to say I've been cast in Spanish director, Paco Torres' new feature film. Shooting in December and being produced by Zanzibar Films. 

20/10/3 Shooting short film 'Sean and Dylan'. Very happy with shoot. Looking forward to seeing finished product.

9/10/13 New 'Introduction to Acting for Adults' starts tonight.

30/09/13 Finished shooting 'Vikings'. Briliant experience! Watch out for me towards the end of season 2.

29/09/13 I've just been cast in the TV show 'Vikings' -

28/08/13 Shooting an internet commercial for Google today.

6/08/13 Last acting workshop tonight. Can't believe another 6 weeks done. 

26/07/13 Last show of The Tempest and another standing ovation. Great show to be a part of. 

6/07/13 Standing ovation for opening night of The Tempest at Wells House, Wexford. 

30/06/13 Full dress rehearsal for 'The Tempest'. Good fun! Opening in 1 week.

24/06/13 New acting workshop started today. Really good bunch. Looking forward to teaching them for 6 weks.

14/05/13 First rehearsal today for 'The Tempest'. Great to meet the rest of the cast. Really exciting project! 

13/05/13 'Once in A While The Odd Thing Happens' opens in The Viking Theatre tonight. Running for 2 weeks(13th-25th May).

13/05/13 New Introduction to Acting for Adults workshop starts 
11th June. Go to 'Acting Workhops' tab for more info.

11/05/13 "McAuley's slight build and clear articulation is hugely impressive throughout..." - Another nice review for the play -  Click here.

5/05/3 'Once in a While The Odd Thing Happens' is on for 2 nights in The James Joyce Center as part of the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. 10th and 11th May.

28/04/13 I have been cast as Ferdinand in 'The Tempest' to be directed by Michael Way. Looking forward to working with such a good director and cast. More details to follow.

16/04/13 Back in rehearsals for 'Once in a While The Odd Thing Happens'. Great 1st day!

4/03/13 Currently running a series of acting workshops in DIT. 

25/03/13 Finished shooting a short film 'Anna', directed by Eamonn Tutty and shot on the Red camera. Great shoot! Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

21/02/13 Great review of the play in Irish Theatre Magazine and I get a really nice metion as well -  

"McAuley is superb in his adoption of Britten's emotions, from nervous contemplation as a young man to an artist of achievement, who reflects the confidence of his talent and success. McAuley’s body language changes infinitesimally as the drama unfolds, from a slightly hunched and jittery disposition to one that is relaxed and moving freely by the end of the play." 

For full revew click here.

2/02/13 Nice 4 star review for the play on - click here 

30/01/13 'Once in a while the odd thing happens' has openend in the Teachers Club. Really good crowrds and great response so far. 

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